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The MOVEMENT Movement

Jan 18, 2023

Do Shoes Alter Reality?

– The MOVEMENT Movement with Steven Sashen Episode 156 with Cody Koontz

Cody Koontz sells shoes and talks about running at RunnersWorld Tulsa. He is a certified personal trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine. He loves helping people meet their goals and overcome their limitations through exercise. Cody believes that deeper understanding and improved perception of movement are the best foundation for fitness. He is also a licensed physical therapist assistant and uses his rehabilitative background to help clients avoid injury and "bridge the gap" between physical therapy and their desired activities. 

Listen to this episode of The MOVEMENT Movement with Cody Koontz about how shoes alter your reality.

Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

- How traditional footwear causes people to disassociate from their bodies.

- Why it’s important to be able to feel the ground when you’re walking.

- How your Achilles can’t work as a spring if you wear shoes with large soles.

- Why blocking your foot positions causes your knees to move in ways they shouldn’t.

- How having less support on your foot allows your knee to do what it’s meant to.

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