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The MOVEMENT Movement

Jan 25, 2023

It’s Not What You Eat. It’s What You Absorb

– The MOVEMENT Movement with Steven Sashen Episode 157 with Oliver Wood

Oliver Wood got started in the business world after 7 years as an independent personal trainer. As he started online, he rapidly built a company to over 15 staff in his mid-20s, helping thousands of clients upgrade their body, energy, and productivity through a 4- step system he has agreed to share with us. 

His unique perspective of both running a multi 7 figure company and understanding the behavioral nuances of what truly makes health habits stick after working with thousands of clients, has allowed him to create his own category in the health market of working with busy professionals that I want to share with you today. 

His ability to take complicated topics and simplify them down into actionable steps you can integrate into your busy lifestyle is what makes him a world class coach. 

Olly has committed the last decade of his life to the development of his Body Reset program alongside world-class coaches that has now impacted 1000s of clients from around the world. 

Olly is a health expert with a deep background in business and health coaching with a deep background in gut health, biomechanics, leadership, mindfulness, and nutrition. 

Listen to this episode of The MOVEMENT Movement with Oliver Wood about how it’s not about what you eat but what you absorb.

Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

- How being on a diet doesn’t allow your body to perform at its optimum level.

- Why only looking at your intake of food and your output of exercise isn’t enough.

- How stress is not level it’s a threshold and why that’s important.

- Why you should look at how stress impacts you both mentally and physically.

- How it’s important to pay attention to how your feels and what changes you’ve made.

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