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The MOVEMENT Movement

Apr 18, 2020

Whatever activity you're doing, whether it's Yoga or running, or climbing or hiking or lifting, you want to be better at it, right?

Maybe not, maybe it would be better if you got bad at a lot of things, but we're going to be looking at that and much, much more, on today's episode of The MOVEMENT Movement Podcast, the podcast for people who want to know the truth about what it takes to have a happy, healthy, strong body, typically starting with the feet first. because those things are your foundation.

I'm your host Steven Sashen and we're going to be debunking the mythology, the propaganda, sometimes the outright lies that people have told you about what it takes to run to walk, to hike, to dance, to lift, to do all those things you like to do and do that enjoyably, efficiently and effectively by using your body naturally. We call this MOVEMENT Movement because it's a movement about movement. More specifically about natural movement, again, about letting your body do what it's supposed to do, and it's a movement because it involves you. It's something that doesn't happen because I'm saying it, because I'm trying to push it. It's all the people who discover the value and benefits of natural movement who are making this happen, creating this groundswell, this grassroots movement of trying to get people to move.

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