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The MOVEMENT Movement

Apr 29, 2020

You just spent $50 or $100 or $200 on a pair of shoes. You get your credit card bill, it says $50 or $100 or $200, is that what you really paid?

I know that's a weird sounding question, but we're going to find out what the real cost and value of shoes are, on today's episode of The MOVEMENT Movement Podcast, the podcast for people who want to know that truth about what it takes to have a happy, healthy, strong body starting with the feet first, because those things are your foundation.

Alright, let's talk about the cost of shoes. So you can buy shoes at all different prices, obviously, anything from just a couple of bucks at Walmart or Target, to hundreds of dollars. I'm not going to be talking about the kind of collectible shoes, the way people line up for days to get the newest pair of Air Jordans and trade them, there's a secondary market for that. It's like investing practically. I'm going to talk about things that you wear every day, all day.

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